We are tour guides

We specialise in inbound tourism in the Basque Country.

At Baskenland Tours, we put together unique travel packages, adapting them to the desires and needs of our clients. Using our experience, we seek to ensure that each visitor has an unforgettable stay, discovering the authentic food and culture of Bilbao, San Sebastián, Vitoria-Gasteiz and La Rioja as well as other lesser-known yet fascinating places.

A tour through the Basque Country is a captivating journey full of culture, history and nature: a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

We specialise in food & wine tours

True culinary itineraries where we discover how simple local flavours can be combined to achieve a sophisticated, authentic and genuine cuisine. Together we will explore the best wineries and restaurants of traditional and avant-garde Basque cuisine.


Are you looking for a personalised tour?

You choose who to travel with, the destination and the characteristics of the trip and we tailor it especially for you.

Our services include:

  • Group tours.
  • Tours for the over 60s.
  • Tours for those with disabilities.
  • Day trips.
  • Flight, hotel, restaurant and museum reservations.
  • Guided tours

Baskenland Tours is part of the Koma group, a group of companies whose guiding principle is the exchange of culture between nations. With 20 years’ experience, the group, made up of individuals from various countries, works to help people grow from a linguistic, cultural and social standpoint.



Project manager

I am an architect full of imagination, yet also a meticulous and rational individual. For me architecture, art and food are the parameters through which reality and emotions come together in a single world. I believe that teamwork helps to divide tasks and multiply success and that life gives you countless opportunities to grow and improve yourself. I am Italian but have been living in Bilbao for ten years, working in the tourism sector as a guide specialising in architectural tours in all of the Basque provinces. I am currently the project manager for Baskenland Tours, a role which enables me to combine my work with my passions.

Alessia y Viviana


Managing Director and tour guide

It is both my pride and pleasure to accompany you in your discovery of the Basque Country, a region that is now my home and that I have fallen hopelessly in love with. The food, the local customs, the traditions, and above all the spectacular landscapes all make it a truly special place. I was born in Lucerne, in Switzerland, the daughter of Italian emigrants. Ever since I arrived here, in 1999, I have felt the need to introduce friends and relatives to this enchanting area, and thus the idea for Baskenland Tours was born: while sipping good wine and laughing with friends, in a corner of the world that was little known at the time, but which is capable of seducing at first glance. My passions have always been languages, people, and travel.

Our exhilarating journey through the Basque Country, which 25 of us took part in from the 4th to the 8th of April 2017, became a unique experience thanks to your personal and committed support. We put the organisation of the trip into your hands with complete confidence. From the hotel, to the cultural events, to the planning tailored to the needs of older people, the bus transfers... a pleasant retreat into a cider house... the largest wine museum in the world with a superb guide... the lifestyle of the Basque people... the complete spectrum of Basque tastes... for the stomach and the mind... Everything was prepared in the most elegant and fitting way. We also enjoyed a Basque welcome dance and the presence of the mercurial dancer. With a passion for travel, one couldn’t ask for more! We all returned to Schwäbisch Hall enthused. We would all like to thank you for your help from the bottom of our hearts and for the finer details you shared with us.

Theo Dürr

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